• A Novel Interaction-based Method (Dec., 2021), Discover Artificial Intelligence, 1(16): [ArXiv, Print]
  • An Interaction-based Convolutional Neural Network (ICNN) (Dec., 2021), Algorithms, 14(11), 337: [ArXiv, Print]
  • An Interaction-based Recurrent Neural Network (IRNN) (Dec., 2021), Mach. Learn. Knowl. Extr., 3(4), 922-945: [Arxiv, Print]
  • An I-score Review Paper – A Novel Approach to Adopt Explainable Artificial Intelligence (Jan., 2022), Adv. Mach. Learn. Art. Inte., 3(1), 01-11: [Print]
  • XAI in Healthcare: A Novel XAI Approach Towards Radiology Image Classification: [AAAI 22′ Workshops, W37 Home, Poster, Presentation | Venue details: AAAI 22′ Schedule Home, AAAI 22′ Workshop Page (My talk is in W37: Trustworthy AI in Healthcare)] | Updated slides.
  • Fundamentals of Interaction-based Learning (Apr, 2022): [Book sale on Amazon]
  • Towards Explainable Artificial Intelligence Using Interaction-based Representation Learning (May, 2022): [Book sale on Amazon]

For previous research experiences, please refer to Research page or Google Scholar.

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